Florian Junge - Steel Sculptor


Born: Hamburg, Germany.

Raised: Mozambique & South Africa.

Inspiration: Life, movement, action and human nature. Perhaps my greatest inspiration is to take something that has no value to society and transform it into something that can inspire people.

Florian Junge was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Mozambique with his family as a young boy. They then moved to South Africa at the start of his schooling career and he matriculated at Wartburg High. Florian has lived a colourful and well travelled existence ever since.

He acquired inspiration from his father whom he describes as being a true and natural artist at heart. Like father like son, Florian sees art in almost anything. He transforms everyday articles into works of fine art by using predominantly reclaimed items: always expressing an array of emotions which he manages to successfully communicate to the onlooker.

 “I am a self ‘learning’ artist. I use the word ‘learning’ because if we stop doing so, we stop being alive. I love learning new techniques, tricks and ways of looking at the world. For that very reason I only produce once-off original pieces. While I’m constantly growing and evolving, NOW is the time that I know what I know and I am what I am.

I wish to communicate to you:

  • Outwardly by the medium of welded steel

  • Internally, by investing my heart, mind and soul into my work and

  • Eternally, by touching something deep within all whom experience my creations.

First and foremost I’d like my art so ‘speak to you’ – in whichever form you choose to listen. Woven into that story, let there be unique threads of who I am and what I have invested in this art. I like to bring something fresh and new that others have not done quite like this. I hope that my art speaks to you every time you let it and an affinity grows.

Life, movement, action, the natural world are things I’ve sculptured and enjoy. An ongoing fountain of ideas is bubbling from my innermost self and I’ll attempt any sculpture. If you have an idea and wish a commission done, let’s get together and I will blow some life into welded steel just for you. We will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.”


 P.O. BOX 52062, MARGATE, KWAZULU NATAL | +27 084 465 9777


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